Polished Concrete

Mechanically polished concrete is the ultimate in flooring and is an expensive and very time consuming process of up to 15 steps. Do not get this finish confused with a grind and seal. A polished concrete floor done properly is ground to the desired stone exposure, honed, densified and grouted and finished off at 800 to 3000 grit depending on gloss level. This finish suits a high quality properly specified 32mpa concrete mix. Polished concrete is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.


Full stone exposure 1970s slab 1800 grit. Lithofin penetrating sealer.


Brand new custom mix. Polished to 800 grit. Lithofin penetrating sealer.


Brand new 1800 grit polish. Lithofin stain stop plus.


Standard black bassalt mix polished to 1800 grit. Lithofin stain stop plus.


New floor 1800 grit gloss. Final polish before sealing


1800 grit polish. Pentraguard sealer


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