Grind & Seal

Grind and seal, rustic floors, warehouse floors. This type of floor is very popular in homes, cafes, patios, warehouses and shops that require a value for money, easy to clean floor. This is a basic finish where the concrete is ground to the required aggregate exposure and a suitable sealer applied. Grind and seals are more functional then architectural and perfect for old and damaged floors or customers who like the ease of maintenance and the rough concrete look. We use non porous uv stable sealers for grind and seals so it can be used indoors and out.

Do not confuse this type of floor with honed or mechanically polished concrete. It is very cheap sometimes a third of the price of a honed & polished concrete floor. This is not a perfect finish, it is cheap and will scratch. It will have the texture, look and feel of ground and sealed concrete with cracks, stains and application marks here and there.


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