Epoxy Floor Coatings

Commercial and industrial environments are harsh so suitable coating systems are required. For these we use heavy duty coating systems as they can handle chemicals, vehicular traffic and have fast cure times. We supply and apply suitable commercial and industrial floor coating systems. Epoxy coatings are also popular for domestic garages, walkways, rumpus rooms etc.

Our coating systems are suitable for

Coatings we use are

Coating Systems

Depending on application roll coats, flake and quartz broadcast systems can be used. Clear or standard colours shown below. Custom colours can be ordered. All of our epoxy floor coating systems use 100% solids epoxy. For outdoors we always apply proper uv stable top coats for extra chemical, uv and wear resistance as the Sunshine Coast weather will damage epoxy and cheaper polyurethanes fast. All of our coatings are suitable for domestic to heavy industrial projects.
Roll Coat System
Flake Flooring System
Quartz Broadcast System